The term shipping or ship includes the commencement of shipping items in an order for multiple purchases or where the item purchased consists of components that must be shipped separately. For example, your order may consist of

  1. Several different items,
  2. A quantity of the same item, or,
  3. A single item with several component parts the size of which might require them to be shipped in separate packages.

In all such orders, we endeavor to ship out individual packages together so that they arrive at the same time; however, when that is not possible, we commence shipping by shipping individual packages in the order that allows for each product to reach at the soonest time possible. In these instances, our notification to you that your order has shipped marks the time when shipping has commenced; it does not mean that all items in the order have shipped at that time. All packages sent have a separate tracking number and may be followed on the Order Status page. You agree that credit cards and debit cards are to be charged on the date of order placed, not the date of shipping.

You also agree that the courier company has delivery service within Major City limits. Any territory beyond the city limits will fall outside the delivery parameter and all the shipments to ODA (Outside Delivery Area) will be delivered once or twice a week and NSA (No Service Area) the order will be canceled even after the shipment has dispatched. Please check UAE ODA & NSA List.

The couriers are contracted to make 3 delivery attempts after which they will return the parcel to Gamer and considered as undeliverable.