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Kitaria Fables is a delightfully cute action adventure RPG with farming and crafting! Enter the cute world of Kitaria and take on the quests of your animal neighbours as they face a rising tide of darkness. Real time combat, exploration and dungeoneering sit alongside farming for provisions and the crafting of weapons and armour, and forging new spells to increase your power.

A peaceful land where nature lives in harmony - until now. As the wildlife around Paw Village becomes increasingly aggressive, The Empire has called upon you to investigate and defend its citizens. Make your way to Paw Village to your Uncles home, and from your new base, explore the huge world teaming with wildlife, resources and loot to help you in the long journey ahead.

Wield melee weapons and bows and forge new spells. Kit your loadout in a way which suits your preferred style of battle and craft magic, weapons and armour which compliment your play style. Do your prefer to burn your enemies from a distance, freeze them where they stand, or trust in sword or bow to do your damage?

You'll need much more than brute strength and magic to survive the coming darkness. The world of Kitaria is full of resources for you to use to your advantage. Slay monsters for ingredients, plant seeds and tend to your crops for provisions and gather materials and ores to craft more powerful weapons, armour and accessories.

Kitaria Fables is full of friendly (and not so friendly!) citizens. Make yourself known to your neighbours and fulfil their requests. The more you bond with your new friends, the more rewards you will receive as your relationships grow!

Kitaria Fables features a local co-op mode with Steam remote-play supported. Team up with a friend, double your firepower and use the freedom of Kitaria Fables' flexible combat system to compliment each other's strengths.

As ever, we are always appreciative of your support. If you like the look of our new project then do please join us in the community forums and hit Wishlist, to stay up to date with future news and development updates.

public reviews

Windows Central

by Zachary Boddy


"From its distinctive art style to its decently fleshed-out world, Kitaria Fables is as cute as they come and filled with its own personal brand of charm. However, surprisingly engrossing combat and a stable experience don't cover the myriad of strange game design decisions that cause Kitaria Fables to move at glacial pace."

Push Square

by Robert Ramsey

7 / 10

"With its heavy Fantasy Life vibes, there's a lot to like about Kitaria Fables. While the grind won't be for everyone, it's an accessible game that can eat up 20 to 30 hours of your time quite easily, thanks to its enticing mix of fighting, crafting, and farming."


by Unknown Author

4.5 / 10.0

"Kitaria Fables is a decent farming life sim sadly hampered by its poor RPG elements."

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